The 15th Pan-Pacific Continence Society Meeting


Pre-Registration, application for Accommodation and Social Activities

Please apply from the button below:

Pre-Registration and application

Pre-Registration and application deadline
September 14th (Mon.), 2020

Registration fees


  • PPCS only: 13,000 JPY: About 120 USD

*Name card and abstract book will be handed to you at the reception on the day of the meeting

  • PPCS and the 27th JCS: 23,000 JPY: About 210 USD
    (Reference currency exchange rate: 1 USD = 110 JPY)

*If you are a resident of Japan and participating the 27th JCS, name cards and abstract books for both PPCS and the 27th JCS will be sent to you in advance

[Social Activities]

  • One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour: October 16th (Fri.)
    Free of charge (Accompanying person require payment of 5,000JPY: About 46USD)
    *Box breakfast provided
    *If you are a resident of Japan and participating the 27th JCS, please give priority on participating the 27th JCS.
  • Welcome Reception: October 17th (Sat.)
    Free of charge (Eligibility for participation: PPCS participants only)
  • Gala Dinner: October 18th (Sun.)
    Free of charge (Accompanying person require payment of 5,000JPY: About 46USD)

(Reference currency exchange rate: 1USD = 110JPY)

*For detail, please check Social Activities on website

How to register (Pre-Registration/Accommodation/Social Activities)

Step 1 Create My Page

Step 2 Applying for[Pre-Registration][Welcome Reception][Gala Dinner]

*If you complete up to step 2, you can continue with Step 3 and later by accessing My Page at a later day

Step 3 Applying for [Accommodation]

Step 4 Applying for [One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour]

Step 5 Complete reservations and Making your payments

Step 1. Create My Page

  1. Select [Pre-Registration/Welcome Reception/Gala Dinner] in New Registration (If you do not have a Log-in ID).
    If you also wish to apply for [Accommodation] and [One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour], please select them as well.
    *Pre-Registration for accompanying person cannot be done at the same time. If they also wish to register themselves to participate the meeting, please pre-register separately
  2. Click [Next].
    *You cannot proceed to make reservations if you do not select [Pre-Registration/Welcome Reception/Gala Dinner]
  3. Please input information in "Login Information", "Personal Information", "Affiliation Information", "Contact Information", "Reuse of Personal Information" and number of persons at "Add accompanying person(s)", read Privacy Policy at the end and proceed by clicking [Next] button at the bottom of the page.
    *Columns with asterisks must be input
  4. If you have anyone accompanying you, please register Accompanying Person Information.

Step 2. Applying for Pre-Registration/Welcome Reception/Gala Dinner

  1. Confirm your registered contents on Registration Information page, click on [Register] button at the bottom of the page to proceed with your registration.
  2. On Confirmation: Registration page, please re-confirm the contents and check the amount of payment, then click [Register] button at the bottom of the page to proceed. Please check that your registration is completed on the next page, and click [Next] to proceed.

Step 3. Applying for Accommodation

  1. Select hotel and room type you wish to stay from the list and input name of person(s) staying.
    If you wish to select different room type (single or twin) for each day of your stay, please select hotels with preferred room types.
    i.e. You can apply for single bedded room for yourself on October 14, twin bedded room for October 15 for you and your accompanying person etc.
    *Please contact JTB via email ( if you have any inquiry or other requests
  2. On the Confirmation: Hotel Reservation page, please confirm the content and the amount of payment then click [Apply] to register.
  3. Please make your final confirmation on your accommodation on Confirmation of Booking and Transaction Information page, read and check Document Explaining Business Terms button and click [Reserve] button at the end. You will see your reservation complete message on Reserve accommodation page. Please click [Next] to proceed.

Step 4. Applying for One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour

* Application for participant and accompanying person needs to be done separately

  1. Click [Apply] for the person who wishes to participate the tour.
  2. Confirm the tour reservation content, the amount of payment and complete your application.
  3. Click on My Page and Select “New/Additional Application” in One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour column, repeat 1) and 2) for remaining person(s) (if any).
  4. Please make your payment at the end when all the application is complete.

Step 5. Complete reservations and making your payments

  1. Confirm the amount of payment, check the box "I have confirmed application contents." and click [Credit Card Payment] button.
  2. You can only make payments through credit cards. Please enter your card information.

Paying by Credit Card (*please read)

If you opt to pay with a credit card, you will be asked to enter your credit card information.
The credit cards listed below can be used to make payments.





Diners Club

1. For VISA, MasterCard®, and JCB cardholders
This system supports 3-D Secure for certain cardholders in order to provide a more secure online payment experience.

What is 3-D Secure?
This system adds an authentication step to the online payment process by requiring the user to enter a previously registered password on an authentication screen provided by the credit card issuer. International credit card brands VISA, MasterCard®, and JCB recommend that merchants make use of this system.
Verified by VISA(used by VISA).
MasterCard® SecureCodeTM(TM)(MasterCard®)
J/SecureTM(TM) (JCB)

*Some issuers allow cardholders to use the same password they have been assigned for accessing their monthly statements online or having them sent by email. If this password is not entered, or if an incorrect password is entered, the online transaction will not be completed.

*If you forget your password or experience other authentication-related issues, please contact your credit card issuer. (For more information, see your credit card issuer's website.)

*In terms of the actual payment process, once you have entered your card information (issuer, card number, expiration date, and cardholder name), click the "Next" button to proceed to the credit card issuer's authentication screen.

*If the authentication screen is not displayed, please confirm card number and expiration date, and go through the procedure again, or close your browser window, log onto the AMARYS registration screen again from the event website (scientific society conference, etc.), and enter another credit card on the payment page. Alternately, you may wish to contact your JTB representative.

*If you cancel the authentication process on this screen, your online transaction will not be completed. (Avoid using your browser's "Back" button.)
Also, canceling the authentication process will prevent you from returning to the current application screen, so you'll need to log onto the application top page again and repeat the payment process.

Making a payment with a card that supports 3-D Secure (

2. For AMERICAN EXPRESS(AMEX) and Diners Club International cardholders
Card number, expiration date and security code will be required for the payment.

*The security code is the last 3 digits of the number printed above the card holder signature area on the back of the card.

*For American Express cards, this is the 4 digit number stamped above the card number on the front of the card.

Making a payment with a card that does not support 3-D Secure (

Credit Card Payment FAQ (

If you have any problems with processing the credit card, please read "Credit Card Payment FAQ" and check the details.

Revision of Pre-Registered Information and Making Cancellations

When registration is complete, you will receive an email with the information of what you registered.
Login ID and password is required to login to your My Page.
Revision and cancellation of your registration can be done from Edit page in My Page, until September 14th (Mon.), 2020.
If you wish to make cancellation after September 15th (Tues.), please contact secretariat at

[Pre-Registration] / [Gala Dinner]

Until September 14th (Mon.)…10% of the total payment(As administrative fee)
*Amount paid will be reimbursed after deducting 10% administrative fee
After September 15th (Tues.)…100% charged
* No refund


Until 8 days before the first night of stay…No charge
7~2 days before the first night of stay…20% of total room rate
On the first night of stay… 50% of total room rate
On the day of departure, or in case of failure to show without notice… 100% of total room rate

[One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour]

Until October 5th (Mon.)…No fee
October 6th (Tue.) - October 8th (Thu.)…20% of tour fee
October 9th (Fri.) - October 14th (Wed.)…30% of tour fee
October 15th (Thu.)… 40% of tour fee
On the day of departure… 50% of tour fee
On the day of departure after the tour began, or failure to show without notice…100%


Receipt for [Pre-Registration] and [Gala Dinner] is attached to the name card which will be handed to you on the day of the meeting. Please be informed that we cannot send you the receipt in advance.
Receipt for [Accommodation] and [One-day Sightseeing Bus Tour] can be downloaded from My Page.

Inquiry on Pre-Registration

JTB Corp. Yokohama Branch (The 15th Pan-Pacific Continence Society Meeting Desk)
Tel:+81-45-316-4602 Fax:+81-45-316-5701
Office Hours: Monday to Friday, 9:30-17:30 (weekdays only)
*If you contact the inquiry window during out of office hours, your inquiry will be checked on the next working day.

For pre-registration and applications for accommodation, please click here

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